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Maneuvering The Pitfalls Of Modern Technology and Busy Lifestyles

I don’t know about you, but I find myself talking to God all day long. Prayer is easy, but meditation (or listening) is more of a challenge. It’s the listening part that most of us struggle with. The distractions in life are easier to access than ever before in history.

With technology at our finger tips and anything our wandering brain wants to see, hear, or know just a click away it’s hard to find stillness. There are apps full of photos, details of other people’s lives, and countless shows to binge watch that can easily distract hours and hours of our time.

It makes quieting the mind, so we can hear from the Holy Spirit not come easily. Now, more than anytime before, we have to be intentional about creating silence and space for our inner wisdom aka the Holy Spirit to come to the forefront of our minds.

I was first turned on to this truth just before I left my first husband. I distracted my mind from dealing with what I needed to deal with through watching tv or scrolling Facebook. It actually debilitated me and put me in a depression I couldn’t seem to shake.

God in me pushed me to get alone away from it all. I found a field, and I laid in it with out anyone or anything just breathing and seeking direction. God spoke to me in that field and guided me to exactly what I needed to do.

It was terrifying to me, but I had a peace and inner confidence that even though what I had to do was hard, it was right.

Clarity comes in silence.

God speaks with a still small voice. If we’re distracted by this, that, and the other thing, we are missing out.

Don’t get me wrong, God is God. If he has something to say or do, he will get the message through. The year after my divorce, I didn’t want to feel the big feelings my life situation presented me with. I didn’t really want to feel at all come to think of it. My motto became “keep moving.” I even made myself a bracelet that said that.

I did not stop; I went from one thing to the next. I left myself no time to feel sad or to think. In line with keeping myself busy, I decided to go to a yoga class at the Y. It was mostly just to get exercise in what I thought was a lazy way, but it became such a crucial part of my life. In the midst of my chaos and goals of keeping myself and my mind busy, God found the time and space to reach me right there on my yoga mat despite my best efforts to run away.

Fast forward to now. It’s been my goal to carve out time for me to be quiet and kind to myself each day. Part of that has been looking like doing Sat Kriya for 3-5 minutes, and rubbing my hands from my head down to my feet taking time to thank each body part for helping me and getting me through. I also recently added in incorporating 2-3 minutes of breathe of fire with my hands raised up the entire time reminding me that I can do and process hard things. This is my time to just quiet my mind and let God speak to me.

Interestingly enough, my girl Allison who is teaching the Kundalini Yoga teacher training course I am going to be taking suggested a book to peruse. I started reading this book, and it talks about the importance of this alone time. The book called it, "Sadhana." It's particularly done in the morning to start your day off right.

I know this was God speaking to me loudly and clearly that I need to make a morning habit of my daily ritual and continue prioritizing this because over the past few months, other things randomly have confirmed this.

A new blogger friend shared about her early morning prayer time and what a blessing it has been for her, and it impacted me when I read that. I also found out that my uncle takes time to meditate for 45 minutes each morning to help steady his nervous system, and that also sat with me.

In this time we live with information being dumped on us constantly, removing ourselves and connecting with God in us couldn't be more important. I wonder how the state of the world would look different if people weren't living from a place of reacting to information, but instead living from a place of peace that passes understanding and being guided by the Holy Spirit.

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