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How To Know When God Is Speaking To You

When God has spoken to me through the years, He confirms, in different ways, what he is speaking. My heart feels completely at peace. There is no anxiety or second guessing. It feels right, and it just is right. When I was thinking about what to write about this week, these two stories kept popping into my mind. The thread between them is that God confirms. He won’t leave you second guessing and wondering.

Around seven years ago, a friend from work tried to set me up with one of his friends. I was intrigued until I found out, he lived in Princetown, (where the heck even is that?!) and he was a worship leader. I thought there was absolutely no way that someone heavily involved with church would ever be able to handle my edgy beliefs, potty mouth, and divorced status. I stopped entertaining the thought and moved on with my life.

Several years later, after some serious heartbreak and an exhausting journey to find a person to spend the rest of my life with, I met a guy on Facebook Dating. We connected right away….. buttt then, he tells me he’s a worship leader. I thought, “Great. As soon as this guy finds out about my divorce and edgy beliefs he will go running for the hills.”

I had been through so much with men by this point that I just didn’t have the energy or will to pretend I was cooler than I was or fake it and try to be something I wasn’t to make him like me. I was just completely upfront with him about everything right away.

He wasn’t scared, and actually LIKED me! We are going on three years of marriage this October.

Unlike any other relationship ever, from day one with Erik, I had a peace and a confidence that Erik was meant for me and that our relationship was God ordained. We were meant for each other. We were meant to be the ones that help each other grow and become our best selves.

When, I found out that this was the person my friend tried to set me up with all those years ago, it just confirmed what God had already clearly laid on my heart.

When God has something to do, He is going to do it. Even if you’re like me and aren’t ready for it when He sends it around the first time, God will make a way.

A wise friend once told me, “You do what you know to do.” When God shows us something more, then we do that.

For many years now, God is guiding me to be aware of what my family and I put on and in our bodies. There is so much information out there it can be overwhelming. Additionally, it is hard to be consistent in a world that seems to just not get it. My approach is to do the best I know to do and put the rest in God’s hands while still being open to learning and growing.

For a while there, I felt at a stalemate. In fact, there was some regression. Erik is not always on board, and I got lazy and just succumbed to things like regularly having ice cream and cheating all over the place with processed foods. I told God that if what my gut was telling me was His will for our lives, that I needed help.

Shortly after that, I saw my doctor. She reminded me how important limiting things like sugar, gluten, and dairy was for me especially with my Lyme. This support and encouragement from her gave me the gumption to get back to my healthier ways. Then, my health scare came along. I knew what I needed to do and going all in with cutting out sugars and eating clean no longer became an option or a struggle. I just did it.

This put me right back on track to learning and growing in this way again. Since getting my health under control, we have been continuing to learn and implement new things. Erik has also been more on board than ever doing his own little routines to aid his health and even did a bentonite clay mask with me the other day!

God put people in my life who have pointed me towards things that sit right with my spirit regarding health. It’s been exciting to learn of all the ways that God just naturally provides the earth with things for our health needs.

Yesterday, I wanted to purchase a few things that I felt would benefit my family. We’ve been seriously closing the purse strings lately in attempt to get some things paid off and grow our savings. However, I felt lead to buy these things. I felt God saying to just trust him, so I did. Later last night, when I got the mail, Home Depot sent me a refund check that I was not expecting for almost the exact amount that I spent.

It was such a cool confirmation that God is guiding this journey.

So, if you’re wondering today if something is of God, I’d encourage you to ask yourself, is my heart completely at peace? Is this confirmed in some way? God won’t leave you hanging and wondering.

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