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My Mama Bear

My mom is and always was the epitome of a Mama Bear. She exudes safety. To this day, when anything goes wrong, she’s the first thought in my head. When I’m sick, I want my mom. There is nothing like her calm, comfort, and solutions to healing. When someone hurts my feelings, I want to tell my mom. She has my back and is the first one to stand in front of me and make me feel protected in times when I’ve felt attacked or beaten down. When my life feels like it’s falling down, she picks me up, helps me put everything back together, and doesn’t let me wallow in self-pity for too long. She is and has always been my biggest cheerleader and encourager.


Growing up, my mom was tough. I rarely saw her cry.  She took no shit and was a powerful ally. Without asking questions, she was on our side ready to go to war for us. She cared for us fiercely and always put herself and her own needs, last. She stood in the shadows cheering us on giving the rest of the family the opportunity to shine.


I am lucky because I have a young mom. Lord willing, I will have her longer than most people have their parents, and we have the opportunity to learn and grow together. I get a front row seat to my mom’s metamorphosis.


These days, she cries more. She allows herself to feel more. She is showing me by example that it’s safe to feel what we need to feel. She shows me that it’s powerful to realize when our old patterns are no longer serving us and to learn a new way. 


She has shown me a new, greater, type of strength in recent years. It’s actually harder and takes more courage and strength to be vulnerable and soft with ourselves and others. She is showing me by example the inner strength it takes to go deep inside yourself and face the parts of one’s self and one’s past that are challenging even when it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable like it makes her.


She apologizes more and quickly. She takes the time to slow down and listen when people are having big emotions even when I know it’s hard for her. She’s choosing another way. She is choosing to break generational curses. As she grows and heals, she makes it that much easier for me and her grandchildren to do the same. She is curious, asking questions, and has put down a lot of her defenses.


All growing up my mom said she was tone deaf. She never got up and sang or played instruments with the rest of the family. In recent years, she is getting up and singing at family parties. I can’t even begin to say how much this little act has inspired me. She’s taken on the new hobby of art, and she’s really freaking good. Just look at this awesome giraffe! It was only like her fourth drawing ever.

She is daring to do new things. Daring to be in the spot light even when she’s uncertain. Daring to change. Daring to grow. Daring to learn. I no longer would describe my Mama Bear as tough. Now, I call her a straight up badass. God blessed me big time with this beautiful woman inside and out as my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there killing it, but especially to my exceptional Momma!

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