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Unearthing the Musings of the Heart

From my heart to yours

Sunflower Musings is a place where I am looking to unpack meaningful topics near to my heart including faith, love, family, and healthy living. I hope I spark thought and provide clarity, hope, and encouragement to my old and new friends reading this. 

All my love,


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Winds of Change

Since seeing the show Parenthood for the first time around 9 years ago, I have always felt that I was a Braverman at heart. I swear my...

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Hi Friends! 

I’m Kelsea! I’m genuinely looking forward to sharing my heart with you. A teacher at my high school once said “If you’re going through something, write about it.” I took that to heart and have been following this advice for many years. It’s gotten me through some dark and desperate times, highlighted some beautiful moments, and brought clarity to confusion. Reading honest writing is reading a piece of someone’s soul. 💕

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