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Unearthing the Musings of the Heart

From my heart to yours

Sunflower Musings is a place where I am looking to unpack meaningful topics near to my heart including faith, love, family, and healthy living. I hope I spark thought and provide clarity, hope, and encouragement to my old and new friends reading this. 

All my love,


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My Mama Bear

My mom is and always was the epitome of a Mama Bear. She exudes safety. To this day, when anything goes wrong, she’s the first thought in...

Darkness and Light Coexisting

For those of you who don’t know, I’m in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. It’s been a rough pregnancy, and the hormones have me all sorts of...

My Thorn In My Flesh

My nemesis, my infliction, my torment, my thorn in my flesh is a dog. Go ahead and think I’m horrible for saying this, four years ago, I...

God Is NOT Punishing You

The last couple weeks have been a long haul for me. I have not been feeling well. Saturday, I wasn’t feeling good, and my lanyard, that...

Am I Enough?

Ever struggle with feeling enough in one way or another? I definitely have. I’ve recently felt rejected and un-liked when I was doing my...

Unanswered Prayers: Part 2

There is this meme going around on the internet of a little girl clutching a little teddy bear saying, “But I love it, God…” Jesus is...

Unanswered Prayers

In September of 2018, I set out on a long romantic weekend to Bolton Landing with the person I thought was the love of my life. We...

Swearing, Pastors, and Church

We were recently talking to a friend about swearing. Regarding that, he said, “a pastor is held to a higher standard.” I countered back...

My COVID Sh*t Show

Ever have a time in your life that felt like a total and complete shit show? You’ve fallen into the dirt, and people and life just keep...

Navigating “Mean Girls”

One time, in an elevator full of people at work, this grown woman that I didn’t know very well looked me up and down and said, “What are...

What's Holding You Back?

I have been going deep into some previously undealt with emotional trauma. It is freaking hard and mentally draining which is why I...

How To Change The World

Looking to change the world? Put in the work to heal. Heal the generational trauma. Heal the childhood trauma. Heal the trauma from...

Ode to Dads

We live in a society that just doesn't appreciate the role of present fathers like it should. Lately, I’ve been really inspired by the...

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Hi Friends! 

I’m Kelsea! I’m genuinely looking forward to sharing my heart with you. A teacher at my high school once said “If you’re going through something, write about it.” I took that to heart and have been following this advice for many years. It’s gotten me through some dark and desperate times, highlighted some beautiful moments, and brought clarity to confusion. Reading honest writing is reading a piece of someone’s soul. 💕

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